Wrinkle Fillers

Wrinkle Fillers

We all know that as we age, our skin changes. This process is influenced by many factors; it could be internal factors(genetics, age), external factors (sun-exposure, stress, smoking, drinking) and the combination of both. The development of wrinkles and facial folds stage a big dilemma for many of us.

With the advantages of dermal filler injections, you can the erase the signs of aging. Filler injections can help by filling the existing facial folds, restoring lost volume and improving skin structure. Whether your need is to rejuvenate skin, smooth away wrinkles or enhance facial contours or lips - there is a dermal filler to do just that.

Wrinkle fillers are typically composed of Hyaluronic Acid, a natural substance that already exists in the body. Physicians and medical personal now have creative options to fill those unwanted lines on the face or even your hands. Filler can be placed under the eyes, add cheeks, in between the brows, lines around the mouth, marionette lines, and even the jowl. The treatments are really endless. With all of the wrinkle fillers out there, it can be hard to determine what actual filler will work for you. Ask your physician or medical personnel which product would be perfect for you.

There are different kinds of facial fillers: there are cosmetic fillers and injection fillers. You need to compare wrinkle fillers in order to choose something that fits your needs and budget, consult your doctor and dermatologist to make the correct decision.

Cosmetic fillers are good to cover wrinkles for a little while, but you are not going to get any long term benefit, collagen molecules can not penetrate the skin. Injection Fillers have become a common practice and the results can last a little more, the injections can be made with human collagen or bovine collagen.

There are also several dermal fillers approved by the FDA for cosmetic line filling such as Zyderm 1, Zyplast, Zyderm 2, Cosmoderm, Hylaform, Cosmoplast, Hylaform Plus, Captique, Juvederm, Perlane, ArteFill, Restylane and Radiesse.

With this type of treatment deep wrinkles and scars are significantly reduced those giving your skin a more smooth appearance.

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